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Recovery Now Continues At Home 2009


I received good news today when after almost 3 months under the excellent care of the Doctors, Nurses and staff of Princess Margaret Hospital, they discharged me to an outpatient today - and I am free!

I am very happy to be convalescing here in the west end of Toronto at the home of good friends of mine and looking forward to a return to my sitting at my dearly missed knitting machines - especially my Singer System 624!

Please contact me via email or regular mail if you wish at the following addresses:

∆ If I take forever to reply to your email or letter, then forever it is. I still have a long journey ahead of me in terms of recovery and that is my focus.

My email address is:

Regular Mail Address:
181 Shaver Avenue North
Etobicoke, Ontario CANADA
M9B 4N9

I hope to be able to satisfy your requests one day for more in depth step-by-step instructions.

God bless and happy knitting.

August 07, 2009.

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