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A-Card Stitch Patterns For Light Scanning Models


If you own a Light Scanning Selection Box model of SUPERBA, SINGER, WHITE or PHILDAR knitting machine, there are a series of simple, basic every-other-needle stitch designs built-in to the electronic Selection Box that you can use to create simple stitch effects without a Mylar Programme Card. 

These are known in English as the A-Card Stitches. Why?
Because the stitches listed, of which there are 18, are listed a A1-A2-A3 . . . etcetera, which were printed on both sides of a heavy card stock, therefore called the A-Card. Voila!

Construite en motifs de points  Sans Carte-Programme pour Machine á Tricoter SUPERBA, SINGER et PHILDAR!

The A-Card Stitches are achieved by settings the switches on the front of the Selection Box exactly as shown on the A-card diagrams, which is on the far right of each stitch effect.

These stitch settings can be achieved on the following machine models produced by S.I.T./Groupe SUPERBA: 


• SINGER 2330 - 2340 models.

• PHILDAR D120 Memomatic

• WHITE 1602.

The A-Card Stitch are now available as a PDF for viewing and free download in two formats: 

• 1: PDF in magazine format for owners of the Apple iPad and other tablets.

 • 2: PDF via Google Docs. If you have a PC or slow internet connection, you may find this format easier to view and download.

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My thanks to CSI/Domena in France, who own the copyright to this information, and who have graciously granted me permission to share this with you for free.  Merci! 


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