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PHILDAR Brand Models D110 ~ D115 ~ D120 Memomatic, QuickPhil and Big Phil,


Phildar is a French textile company which retailed S.I.T./Superba knitting machines in their Phildar Yarn Stores throughout France and Belgium.  

Of special interest to owners of all Superba, Singer, White and Phildar machines are the Phildar Knitting Magazines and publications.

Phildar magazines include, still to this day, instructions for making their published designs using various models of S.I.T./Superba knitting machines.

You can order booklets directly from Phildar and also source older issues online. 

PHILDAR Models included:

• The 'Big Phil' 9mm Gauge Hobby Knitter. This was a very popular machine model for PHILDAR as it accommodated most hand knitting yarns produced by the company, and there was excellent pattern support for this model in their knitting catalogues.

PHILDAR Big Phil Bulky Yarn Hobby Knitting Machine Model. 

• The Phildarmatic D110 Pegboard Model:

• The PHILDAR  D115 Pressure Pad Model:

• The PHILDAR  D120 Light Scanning Model: 

• The 'Quick Phil' 5mm Gauge Hobby Knitter

The Quick Phil was based on the popularity of the bulky yarn Big Phil model but at a finer gauge with the needles spaced 5mm apart to accommodate Phildar's finer hand knitting yarns. There was and continues to be excellent pattern support for this model in the Phildar Knitting catalogues.

Principal Parts and Layout
Regardless of your particular model number of Superba, White, Singer or Phildar brand name knitting machine and regardless of when it was made, all these knitting machine brand names were manufactured by S.I.T./Group Superba® in France.

So I refer to them all as Superba. It keeps things simple!

S.I.T./Superba Worldwide Brand Names
S.I.T./Groupe Superba of Mulhouse, France produced and marketed knitting machines worldwide under various brand names. 

All of the machines and most accessories, regardless of brand, will have the following logo on them:

S.I.T. means Standardisation Internationale de Tricotage or International Standardization of Knitting.

Superba achieved this standardization with all their models of knitting machines. I can assure you of that. All the double bed models I own including brand names Superba, White and Singer use the same size needles, the same Carriages, the same tools and accessories and one operates them and creates knitwear on each one in the same manner.

The difference between models is the style of Electronic Stitch Programmer the particular model came with. 

Note the S.I.T. Logo in the upper left corner.

There is a lovely consistency of design built in to every S.I.T./Superba machine. 

Please visit the Phildar® website to see their collection of fine hand knitting yarns and patterns. 

Take good care.