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Superba Knitting: Greetings & Inspiration

Welcome to Superba Knitting . This web log provides free information regarding the operation and programming for creating garments using French Double and Single Bed Knitting Machines formerly produced by Groupe SUPERBA® OF Mulhouse, France.

Superba® produced millions of knitting machines for export worldwide using their own brand name and also for various regional licensees,
including the French textile company Phildar®, the sewing machine division of White®/Husqvarna® in North America and the various European divisions of The Singer Company®.

Regardless of the brand name, on all these machines and accessories you will also see the following logo:

The translation is "International Standardization of Knitting". 

Some people refer to these knitting machines as S.I.T. Machines. I call them Superba. "But mine says Singer" you may say. If it was made in France, it's a Superba. I find it less confusing to name the machines by the original manufacturer. 

Primarily sold as fixed Double Bed knitting machines, Single Bed models were also produced, though not as common. 

The emphasis was on the Double Bed models as these produced the widest range of knit fabrics when coupled with the patterning abilities of Electronic Needle Selection.

I will be composing seperate posts about the various models produced, showing photos of the brand names in helping you to identify which model you have and explaining in detail the features of each machine.

In addition to knitting machine model information I will also post entries regarding the various accessories that were produced for this make of machine and how to operate them.

The main emphasis of this web log is to provide free information that is not currently available for these specific brands of home knitting machine on the internet. I have been assisting people via email on how to identify their machine model, how to Cast On, how to programme their specific Electronic Programmer and so I thought it best to share this information rather than taking it to the grave. 

Most people are visual learners and one can type all the text you want, but sometimes the information one seeks can be only be found by watching and learning. Besides, what if you don't speak English? 

I understand perfectly well that the instruction manuals and information supplied with the machines were poorly executed and are lacking some crucial steps to achieving great looking knit garments that fit. That was part of my inspiration to write this weblog. I received a letter from another Superba owner requesting information on the machine as there is nothing in detail on the web relating specifically to the programming and instruction of SUPERBA knitting machines.

For all other brands of machines there are blogs and websites with information on the web and yes, that information can be applied to these machines. But there are times when persons I have communicated with have had difficulty with some of the technical aspects unique to operating these machines and very little has been written or contributed in an informative manner elsewhere about Superba knitting machines.  I hope to rectify that.

I am well aware that the community of knitter's with these machines is small but nevertheless there is continued interest in them. I wish to share the knowledge I've gained by knitting garments on these machines with other owners who may be puzzled about some aspects of operating the various models that were manufactured. I hope to inspire you to set up your machine and get knitting!

As a machine knitter I have 2 Silver Reed 4.5mm gauge knitting machines ( a punchcard SK360 and an Electronic SK560), 1 Brother 9mm gauge KH260 and a Passap Duomatic 80.  I have now acquired 7 Superba models. Each machine I own has it's own unique purpose and special functions, but ever since I acquired my SUPERA models, I turn to these machines first because of the ease of operation and the machines ability to handle a wide variety of yarn weights. This is the first machine I sit down at to try new stitch patterns and for rib garments.

So hopefully I will be able to provide you step-by-step instructions on the process of making garments and other projects using these wonderful knitting machines. 

One can knit all the swatches you want and go on and on about the great technical ability of the machine they own but ask yourself as I would ask you if you attended one of my workshops: "What is the last item you made for yourself on your machine?" 

If there is a long pause or you answer "absolutely nothing", don't be discouraged. You're not alone. My intent is to get you knitting. I invite you to check back often to see what's new.

Take care.