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Crochet Cast Off Over Needles for Superba, Singer, White and Phildar Knitting Machines.

This is my first foray into making a video demonstrating techniques for the SIT Superba Knitting Machines including the Singer, White and Phildar brands.

Unlike Japanese brand knitting machines which have "Sinker Posts" separating each needle, Superba Knitting Machine have "Flow Combs", which are lower in profile and not as pronounced, and some machine knitters find it difficult to wrap their yarn around the Flow Combs when Binding Off. So this is the method I often use when Binding Off multiple stitches say for armhole shaping, or at the end of a project when you want to finish off all your stitches.

I refer to this as the Crochet Cast Off Over Needles method:

Step-By-Step Written Instructions:
• In this video I am working left to right, having brought all my needles with stitches all the way forward to UWP no.3.

• Watch and note how I hold the working yarn in my left hand and the Latch Tool in my right hand. 

• Note that the thumb of my Left Hand rests on the heel of the needle, then I place the Latch Tool on the Hook of the needle and then I use my thumb to slide this needle back, moving the stitch onto the Latch Tool in one motion, picking up a stitch.

• I then move the Latch Tool to the next needle, passing the Tool UNDER the needles and carrying the working yarn OVER the needles.

• I place the Latch Tool onto the hook of the next needle, slide this needle back, picking up it's stitch and holding the Latch Tool to the right of this needle.

• Now I slide the empty needle forward and carry the working yarn over the top of this empty needle into the hook of the waiting Latch Tool, knitting the 2 stitches on the Latch Tool together. One stitch is decreased or Bound Off.

• Repeat to end. Once you reach the last stitch, cut the yarn leaving a 6" tail for sewing in later, and draw this strand of yarn through both stitches. Your Bind Off is complete.

•The empty needle provides leverage to do this and helps to create a large enough loop to create a nice Bind Off Edge.

• You have to practice this method and finesse how tight you pull with the Latch Tool as you Bind Off. 

•You can form this edge too tightly, so relax and try to create a uniform edge with some give to it.

Good luck!

Happy Knitting.